SAVOY Restaurant – Pittsburgh, PA
The Savoy Restaurant, brought us on board months prior to actually opening their doors in April of 2011. We are responsible for overseeing and running its marketing department which entailed everything from graphic design of all of its branding materials, billboard campaigns, photography,  web design, printing, online marketing including developing, building out and maintaining its social media platforms, video and audio production for all the media buys for both television and radio advertising as well as the production and all in house visuals.
The Savoy’s presence and growth in Pittsburgh is unparalleled by any other establishment that has been around for such a short period of time, they have become the new standard in marketing locally.  For their efforts, The SAVOY has been awarded many accolades and has won multiple Peoples Choice awards by Savor Pittsburgh as the “Best Restaurant” for both 2011 and 2012. Many celebrities have heard about this destination through our marketing efforts and you never know who you may see when you go there to eat. Guests have include, Jay Z, Tyson Beckford, Joe Manganiello, and many other notable celebrities and athletes.